Collection Development Policy

Izmir University of Economics Library Collection Development Policy
The fact that we are a university library results in the fact that the information sources that will be used for the service and the target user group of which we are at the service should be specified. Principles specified on those grounds necessitate the fact that information sources should exist on the basis of the education, teaching priorities and aims of the research of the university.

Our library use purchasing, donation and exchanging means as a way of collection development strategy.

No matter which means is used, the information sources provided is constantly developing in terms of quality and quantity in accordance with the study fields and user needs.

Methods of Choosing and Providing Information Sources
The methods remarked below are used in choosing the information sources to add them to the collection of İzmir University of Economics Library and providing.

Purchasing Method

  • The language and content of the books which are to be purchased should be convenient for the education programs of the university and should be qualified enough to meet the demands of the users,
  • Demands should be conveyed through the Automation Program of Library. Any member of İzmir University of Economics may make demands. However, in cases where the budget is not enough, the demands of information sources that are academic have priority.
  • Information sources available should not be demanded. Such demands are deleted from the system as well as in cases where one restates his/her demand for a book.
  • The list of requests is gathered from the program every February and sent to publishing houses for pricing, and the lists created according to the publishing house that offers the best price are first evaluated by the Publication Purchasing Commission and then ordered after the approval of the Board of Trustees. It should be taken into account that it may take approximately 3 months for a request to make it to the library shelves
  • Urgent information sources and special demands are purchased by the confirmation system signed by the Secretary General, the Director of the Press Purchase Commission, the Rector Assistant and the Rector, and they should be delivered to the Library Directorate with a formal letter.

Donation Method

  • The information sources which are to be donated to the library should be qualified enough to meet the demands of the cultural needs, study fields, education and teaching needs of the university.
  • Information source should be new for the collection.
  • It should not be worn out and deformed.
  • The press date of the information sources on Social Sciences should belong to the last 10 years, while the press date of the information sources on other fields should belong to the last 5 years.
  • Periodicals should be the ones that are still in press. Newspapers and periodicals that are not published are not admitted.
  • Information sources copied or produced by piracy are admitted as donation.
  • Information sources that are not added to the collection may be returned to the owner; donated to the school libraries or destroyed.
  • The ones suitable for the library collection are exposed to the processes applied to the other information sources, and added to the collection.
  • Demands such that donated sources should be kept apart in a different department or on a different shelf are not met.

However, a letter of thank and a plaque are sent to the person who donates on behalf of our university

Exchanging Method

  • Books published by our university are sent to the other universities, namely, to the relevant institutions and experts within the framework of the Press Bylaw of Universities. In exchange of this, information sources from those universities, institutions and persons are added to the collection, if qualified enough.
  • Information sources which are considered to be suitable for adding to the collection are demanded from the publisher or the institution, and in exchange of this, qualified publications are made to enter the collection by offering our university publications.

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