Library Rules

Our library was established to support education and learning activities and scientific research, to provide every kind of material in order to give library service compatible with modern standards, to carry our necessary library services, to make all these services available for people in need and to meet the information needs.

Within this framework, we expect from all users to obey the library rules in order to develop our library and give you the best service.

  • Please close your mobile phones while entering the library and do not use your mobile phones in the library.
  • Please do not enter the library with food and drink. (You can only bring water.)
  • Please be quiet and do not disturb other users.
  • If you are not sure about the shelves of the books, please leave the books on the table and do not place them on the shelves.
  • Please make your lending and returning processes from the reception desk with your ID card.
  • The security of the library collection is provided with magnetic door control system. If you do not complete your lending process, it is forbidden to take the library materials out of the library. Otherwise, after the alert, the library staff has the right to control your bag belongings.
  • Please obey the loaning rules and keep the material in good conditions.
  • Please obey the copyright law.


Using the library: Students, academic and administrative staff of Izmir University of Economics, members and staff of Izmir Chamber of Commerce and users out of IUE can use the library.

ID card must be shown during lending process. The members of the university must show the student / staff ID cards given by IUE and other users must show the ID cards given by the library.

Lending process can not be completed with the ID cards of others.

The ID cards for the users out of the university is valid for the preferred membership period (six months or one year).

Lending terms and lending material limits: The lending terms and the limits of lending materials can change according to the titles of the users. These limits are as follows:

Item Loan Period Maximum no of items Fines for overdue items Possible renewal extensions
Books 21 days Academic Staff: 10 items
Master & PhD Students: 10 items
Undergraduate Students: 5 items
1 TL per day per item 2 times
Journals 7 days 3 items 1 TL per day per item 1 time
Multimedia (CD-DVD, cassettes) 7 days 2 items 1 TL per day per item 1 time
Reserved books 2 hours 1 item 1 TL per hour per item 2 times

Furthermore, within the scope of ILL protocols, academic staff and PhD students can demand five materials from the libraries of other universities. In order to do this, it is necessary to make ILL demand, to obey the rules of the other universities and to pay the fee of the material.

Renewing Material: The borrowing period can be extended by phone, e-mail, in person or via the library website. Please note that any material, which has been reserved by another member, cannot be renewed.

Reserving material: The service is available for material which is out on loan. The reservations can be made in person or via the library website. Once the material has been returned, it should be picked up within three days.

Materials that can not be borrowed: The following materials can not be borrowed. Users can benefit from these materials only in the library.

  • Reference books (encyclopedia, dictionary, annual, guide, handbook, atlas, index, report, etc.)
  • Thesis, Reserved books
  • Current issue of the journals
  • Maps and slides
  • Rare works

Fines for overdue material: Users are obliged to use the materials carefully and return them within the loaning period. If these obligations can not be met, users are obliged to pay 1 TL per day per each overdue material.


If the users do not return the overdue material or pay the fine completely, the users can not borrow any other material.

If the fine for overdue materials exceeds 90 days, the material is accepted as lost material by library administration and users must pay the overdue fine of 90 days. Moreover, rules in 12th article of Library Services Directive will be applied.

Overdue fines of academic and administrative staff will be withdrawn from their monthly salary.

The members of the university (student or staff) can not leave the university or can not graduate if they do not pay the fines.

Within the framework of ILL protocols, same provisions will be applied through the other universities.

Lost material: Users are obliged to use the materials carefully and return them within the loaning period.

If the lending materials are lost or destroyed, the users must provide the new or original material. If the original material is not found, any other book in the same value must be provided.

Copyrights: All materials in library collection are protected in accordance with the copyright law. In accordance with this law, only 10 % of the books and one article in the journal can be copied. Multimedia resources such as cassettes, CDs and DVDs can not be copied and used for illegal aims. For the databases subscribed by the university, users must obey the license and subscription rules.

All library users must accept the Copyright Law and the rules in the Library Services Directive. Otherwise, legal proceedings will be applied.

Membership conditions for users out of the University: Our library is open to users from İZTO and İzmir Universities Platform.

Working Hours

During the Academic Year
Weekdays 08.30- 22.00
Saturday 10.00-17.00
Sunday Closed
Summer and Semester Breaks
Weekdays 08:30 - 17:45
Weekends Closed
Lower ground floor is open for 24/7

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