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During the Academic Year:  Weekdays 08.30-22.00 Weekends Saturday 10.00-17.00
Summer and Semester Breaks:      Weekdays 08.30-18.00 Weekends closed

Students, academic and administrative staff of Izmir University of Economics, IUE graduates, Council members of Izmir Chamber of Commerce, and academicians and graduate students of other member universities that are part of Izmir Universities Platform can benefit from the library services as stated in the Library Services Regulation.
Other academic staff and Ph.D. students, foreign researchers, and librarians of other institutions may also visit the library during the working hours for research purposes. 

Visiting researchers can leave their ID cards at the security office and do a research, or get a photocopy of the materials they are interested in. 

IUE graduates may benefit from the library within the working hours without borrowing any materials. They need to be members of the Alumni Association in order to borrow any materials.

Circulation Service

You can extend the books you borrowed 3 days before the due date by using one of the following methods: You can extend it on My Account page, you can visit the library, call Circulation Desk numbers (0232) 488 8388, 4888389, 4888399 or e-mail address to extend.  

Only under exceptional circumstances you are allowed to borrow materials without an ID card.

First of all, you need to open a session by using your member code and password which you registered with on YORDAM Library Automation Program on the catalogue search page. (If you don’t remember your member code and/or password, you may get help from the Circulation Desk)
Later on, you can search for the material and reserve it.  

It depends on the user group and material type.  For example, while the students are allowed to borrow 5 books, 3 periodicals, and 2 non-book materials, academicians are allowed to borrow 10 books, 3 periodicals, and 2 non-book materials. For more detailed information, please visit the Loaning Services page on Library web page.

Late fees aim to ensure timely return or renewal of materials

Late fee for each material is 1, 00.-TL daily.

Students and external users can load money to their ID cards by using the POS machine at the Circulation Desk in order to pay for late fees, renewal fees of lost/damaged materials, and membership fees. Late fees for academic and administrative staff are deducted from their salaries at the end of the month.

You are allowed to neither extend nor borrow any materials before you pay the late fee.

The Library should be notified urgently either in person or by calling 4888388-4888389-4888399 and/or sending an e-mail to address in the event of lost or damaged materials.
The user will be demanded to pay the current market value of the material in addition to 10.-TL processing fee and shipment fee. 

ILL-Interlibrary Loan

Academicians and administrative staff may request a book from other libraries as part of ILL service by filling out a form.

Periodical Service ( Journal,newspaper, report, statistics, etc...)

Daily newspapers, magazines, journals, and non-book materials can be found at downstairs of the Library.

No, the latest issue of the journals (periodicals) cannot be borrowed. 

Research and E-Resources

You need to use the ACADEMIC SEARCH ENGINE, which is a federated search engine, on the library web page to search for articles.

Databases were initially created for electronic journal contents, and later on books were added to make it more comprehensive electronic information bank. They involve e-journals and e-books.
Databases may involve single subject (such as MathSciNet on math or Hein-Online on law), or) involve multi subjects (EbscoHost or ABI Inform Global)
Databases have their own search engines. Therefore, when you cannot find what you are looking for by using ACADEMIC SEARCH ENGINE, it is best to search through a specific database.  

First, you need to change the proxy controls of your computer in order to access the databases of the library. Click on the following link to have more detailed information on changing the proxy controls:

You can have access to all e-books, along with other materials, the library offers by clicking on the URL address on the catalogue search page. 
Also, access is available via search engine (such as Ebrary) within the e-book database itself.

Many of the e-books provide the option of printing out, saving, or sharing the content even though they may vary. 

Library Orientation

The library organizes orientation training, pre-planned by the Rector’s Office, for new students and academicians at the beginning of each academic year. Also, individual or group orientation training may be organized upon request throughout the year. 

Book Order

Academicians, students, and administrative staff may fill out a book order form online and request books. 

Reserve Collection

Books and other materials chosen by the academicians for classes are sometimes put on Reserve and are available for a shorter loan period so that everyone in the class can use them. They are located on the shelves next to the Circulation Desk and can be scanned through catalogue search program.   
They are borrowed for 2 (two) hour to be used at the Library only. 


Yes, wireless internet access is available at the Library.

Yes, there are two rooms available for study groups. 

You are allowed to reserve study group rooms for up to two hours a day. 

Working Hours

During the Academic Year
Weekdays 08.30- 22.00
Saturday 10.00-17.00
Sunday Closed
Summer and Semester Breaks
Weekdays 08:30 - 17:45
Weekends Closed
Lower ground floor is open for 24/7

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