Our library has been established in 2002 in parallel with the establishment of the university in order to cover the information needs of the academic personnel, students and the researchers, and to contribute to the education and research activities.
In 2004, it is united with the British Council Library and restructured to give English library services physically for the reflection of the modern England and the English language and education to the users coming from outside the university.
There are 27 computers and 2 catalogue-scanning terminals in the library.

In the collection of the library, there are books, periodicals, multimedia and online databases, and as an automation system,” Yordam Library and Information Management Automation System” is being used.

The online catalogue, which is a part of our system, gives the opportunity to make scanning via internet. In our library, the first choice of the academic institutions, LC (Library of Congress Classification System) is being used that aims to get the publications in same subjects together.

Targets: To meet information and documentation requirements of our academicians, students and users coming from outside and to support their scientific studies buy providing, arranging and presenting any kind of information and documentation needed for our education, scientific studies of our University, and transmission of information.

Our Policy and Priorities

  • To give particular importance to user demands, to present the latest information to the users in the fastest way,
  • To provide accurate and effective usage of our sources of information,
  • To increase the number and quality of the printed and electronic sources of information in our library,
  • To have an understanding of outstanding service,
  • To give importance to cooperation, contribution and creativity,
  • To provide guidance that makes difference about services and sources,
  • To follow the works of national and international university libraries and to benefit from them if necessary,
  • To train the users about the subscribed databases in order to use them more effectively,
  • To raise interlibrary loan services to international level,
  • To form see-listen department where audio-visual materials can be used,
  • To provide an energetic and innovative work environment,
  • To provide national and international education opportunities for an efficient personnel,
  • To determined the subject area of the personnel with a library management and organization chart and to provide specialization areas to be formed.

Working Hours

During the Academic Year
Weekdays 08.30- 22.00
Saturday 10.00-17.00
Sunday Closed
Summer and Semester Breaks
Weekdays 08:30 - 17:45
Weekends Closed
Lower ground floor is open for 24/7

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