Periodical Services

It is to put magazines, newspapers, reports, statistics, and similar publications in printed and electronic media into service.

Periodicals collection is created and developed through purchases, donations and exchanges.

The aim is to present the provided publications in a certain order, in the most up-to-date and fastest way to the service of the user.

After the technical procedures of a periodical coming to the library are completed, it is put into service in the periodicals section of the library in alphabetical order according to the open shelf system. When the binding process of the publications is completed, they are served in bound periodicals section. All these procedures are carried out by specialist librarians.

Current periodicals can be borrowed for 7 days, but the latest issues cannot be borrowed in order not to be out of date and to ensure the availability of all readers.

Bound periodicals can be borrowed for 21 days.

In our library, we have a total of 84 academic periodicals, including 70 printed journals, 9 printed and electronic journals covering Psychology, History, Geography / Anthropology, Social Sciences, Political Sciences, Law, Education, Music, Fine Arts, Language and Literature, Science, Medicine, Technology and Maritime, 1 electronic newspapers, 1 printed newspaper and 2 electronic journals and 1 print+electronic  journal published by our university.

You may access the list of printed and electronic periodicals subscribed by the library, their issue information and the publication status information through catalogue search monitor on the website.

Working Hours

During the Academic Year
Weekdays 08.30- 22.00
Saturday 10.00-17.00
Sunday Closed
Summer and Semester Breaks
Weekdays 08:30 - 17:45
Weekends Closed
Lower ground floor is open for 24/7

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